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End of an Era: Cincinnati Bengals Will Hold Training Camp at Paul Brown Stadium

January 20th, 2012 at 1:49 PM
By Chuck Chapman

The Cincinnati Bengals confirmed what had been suspected, that they will no longer hold their preseason training camp at Georgetown College in Kentucky. 

In a release from the team, owner Mike Brown said that new rules in the collective bargaining agreement reducing the number of practices made continuing the stay in Georgetown untenable.



"The new agreement between the NFL and its players really impacts training camp by reducing practices. That's nothing the Bengals or Georgetown College wanted to see happen, but it is the hand we are dealt, so we both have to adjust to it. I will miss going away for training camp very much, and I will especially miss our friends in Georgetown, Kentucky."
The Bengals are now the 20th of the 32 NFL clubs to do away with an off-site preseason training camp. Instead, the club said that they hope by training in Cincinnati, more fans can take advantage of the practices and enjoy the experience. Last year's attendance at Georgetown was way down, in part because of the NFL lockout and also due to the tumultuous off season the Bengals had.
Back in June Bengals 101 profiled the economic impact training camps had on host sites. It was estimated that hosting the Bengals brought in an extra $2.5 million to the Georgetown economy. 
Thus ends a 15 year tradition of the Bengals and their fans heading south in late July to get their first glimpses of their team. For Mike Brown, it will mark the end of 65 years of training camps that began in Bowling Green, OH with this dad and the Cleveland Browns. 
For me personally, I will treasure the memories of moments like the one below my son enjoyed with Carson Palmer. I hope that the Bengals allow the next generation of fans to interact with the players like they were able to at Georgetown.

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