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Leftovers from the End of the Regular Season

January 2nd, 2012 at 10:04 AM
By Chuck Chapman

Yesterday's results sent the Cincinnati Bengals to the playoffs, but they also dictated a few other items that will impact the team in 2012.

The Bengals made the playoffs, so their draft position is still dependent on how they fare in the post season. Their pick from the Oakland Raiders for Carson Palmer is set though. The Bengals will pick 17th with the Raiders' pick. Had the Raiders made the playoffs, the Bengals would have automatically qualified for the Raiders' 2013 first rounder as well. As it is, the Bengals can still get that pick if the Raiders win a divisional playoff round game next season.

The final two opponents are set for the Bengals' 2012 schedule as well. They were reserved for the teams from the AFC East and AFC South who finished in the corresponding position in the standings. The Bengals will face the third place Miami Dolphins at Paul Brown Stadium and travel to third place Jacksonville. 

Cincinnati will also host division rivals Baltimore, Cleveland and Pittsburgh as well as the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys from the NFC East. AFC teams visiting PBS are Denver and Oakland from the AFC West. Yes, that means the return of Carson Palmer.

The Bengals will hit the road against divisional foes and NFC East opponents Philadelphia and Washington. They'll also make trips to Kansas City and San Diego.

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