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Cincinnati Bengals Fans Step up and Sell Out Paul Brown Stadium

December 28th, 2011 at 10:35 AM
By Chuck Chapman

Paul Brown Stadium will be full for Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens for only the second time this season. This time it won't be a result of an influx of visiting fans.

Thanks to the Bengals' "Buy one, get one free offer" thousands of Bengals fans came forward this week to snatch up roughly 30,000 unsold seats to guarantee a sellout for what may be the biggest regular season game in PBS history. 

This unprecedented offer from the franchise comes after six of the previous seven home dates were not sellouts, despite the team's playoff contention this season. Only the Steelers game was sold out after thousands of Steelers fans gobbled up the unsold tickets, turning PBS into Heinz Field West.

The sellout also means the game will be televised locally, a boon to WKRC-TV which has missed out on the fantastic ratings that come with televising Bengals games. The ratings for Bengals' road games have been among the best for any programming on the station.

As for the players, the sellout crowd will give many of the young players their first true taste of "The Jungle" atmosphere. With a full stadium, Cincinnati has been one of the more difficult visiting venues to play in. 

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