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Cincinnati Bengals Will Face an Angry (and Loud) Bunch of Seahawks Fans on Sunday

October 28th, 2011 at 10:51 AM
By Sports Media 101


Editor's Note: The following piece comes to us courtesy of Rich Monroe, the newest member of the Sports Media 101 family. Rich will be in charge of covering the Seahawks at Seahawks 101. His first pieces are coming out today, but he's graciously consented to supply Bengals fans with some perspective on the situation facing the Bengals in Seattle come Sunday.

The Seattle Seahawks are 2-4 and it’s been a long week for the team answering questions, questions, and questions after its disappointing loss in Cleveland last Sunday.

What happened? What went wrong? Was it mechanical issues? Was it pressure? Where was the no-huddle offense? What’s going on with the offensive line? Why such poor third down conversions? Charlie Whitehurst… What about rookie Josh Portis? Starters, Max Unger, Zack Miller, Tavaris Jackson, and Marshawn Lynch… Will they be playing against the Bengals?

Believe it or not, but at 2-4 the Seahawks are in second place in the NFC West, behind the 5-1 49ers and ahead of the 1-5 Cardinals and 0-6 Rams. If the team can just hold on they can make the playoffs. After all, last season Seattle became the only team in NFL history to make the playoffs and become division champions with a losing record. If they did it once, they can do it again. Right?

Do the 2011 Seattle Seahawks want to go down that road? Of course they don’t. But after the embarrassing 3-6 loss to the Browns and the media inquisition this week, the team reminds me of a covered wagon of settlers in an old western, where it becomes unhitched and rolls off the trail and over an embankment. The wide-eyed family is holding on for dear life as pots and pans fly past their heads. The wagon hasn’t rolled over yet but just might. As the wagon rumbles towards the creek bed below, we wonder if it might crash into a million pieces.

No Seahawks fan wants to watch the teams wheels come off. Hope is a Seahawks fan’s middle name. When the 4-2 Bengals arrive at CenturyLink Field this Sunday, they’ll find a mean and nasty team of Seahawks with their backs against the wall and a bunch of angry fans who have circled the wagons and will scratch and claw their way to a much needed win.

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