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Seattle Seahawks Wanted Carson Palmer at Quarterback

October 27th, 2011 at 9:42 AM
By Chuck Chapman

If Pete Carroll had gotten his wish, the Cincinnati Bengals would be squaring off against Carson Palmer this week. Seattle Seahawks' head coach Pete Carroll confirmed to the Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy that they were in fact very interested in acquiring former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer this past off season.

“We asked about it early on. I have great regard for Carson and wanted to know what their stance was and wanted to make sure we were at least on top of the opportunities and there was no opportunity at the time.”

The move made perfect sense for Seattle. Matt Hasselbeck was leaving via free agency and the team only had backup Charlie Whitehurst as a fallback. Palmer flourished under Carroll while at USC, winning the Heisman Trophy. Palmer also had made it known his preference to play for a team on the West Coast. 

Carroll implied to Reedy that Seattle had made an offer to the Bengals for Palmer, but that Bengals' owner and general manager Mike Brown was firm in his stance of not trading Palmer. At that point, Carroll said, Seattle backed off their pursuit of Palmer and looked at other options. 

Ultimately the team settled on former Minnesota Viking Tavaris Jackson. They also brought over Jackson's main target in Minnesota, Sydney Rice. Jackson missed last week's game against Cleveland and is questionable this week.

Looking at how the deal with the Raiders eventually went down, Carroll said that he would not have been willing to offer what they did and that the Bengals "made a great move to get that trade done." 

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