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Cincinnati Bengals Bye Week Viewer’s Guide

October 23rd, 2011 at 8:00 AM
By Chuck Chapman

It's the Bengals bye week which means many of you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms around 1:00 today. Yeah, you could rake some leaves or something productive, but you probably got that done yesterday since the Buckeyes weren't playing this weekend either. "Kindergarten Cop" is on TNT, but if you read Bengals 101, I'm guessing you need your football fix. 

If you're in Cincinnati, your options really stink. FOX has you set for a Browns-Seahawks early matchup, and anticipating a Carson Palmer start that's now not likely, CBS has Oakland and Kansas City on the late game. FOX's late game will see Green Bay taking blowing out Minnesota, so if you don't have Sunday Ticket, get out to a sports bar to enjoy some football. Otherwise, you're better off thatching the yard.

CBS has three intriguing early matchups that scream "bar with multiple screens." San Diego and the New York Jets is a potential playoff matchup while Houston and Tennessee are playing for early control of the AFC South. Perhaps the most interesting though will be the 1-4 Denver Broncos visiting the 0-5 Miami Dolphins. Here you have Tim Tebow making his first start of the season in Florida. Coincidentally, the Dolphins are scheduled to honor the 2008 University of Florida national championship team, led by Tim Tebow. Tebow's always exciting to watch and former Bengal Solomon Wilcots, one of the more underrated TV analysts, is doing the color for the game. Throw in the intrigue of having Denver playing a "home game" in South Florida and possibly seeing Dolphins' coach Tony Sparano fired at half time and you've got a heckuva football game.

Among the 4:00 games, you could watch the Raiders-Chiefs matchup just on the off chance that Kyle Boller gets knocked out. In that case, you'll either see Palmer playing after three days of practice or Terrelle Pryor make his NFL debut. My guess is Hue Jackson might run Darren McFadden out of the Wildcat if either of those two options present themselves. Both the FOX games are dogs, the previously mentioned Packers-Vikings mismatch, and St. Louis, with AJ Feeley at quarterback, taking on the Cowboys. The Cardinals will score more in Texas today than the Rams. AFC North rival Pittsburgh travels to Arizona in a rematch of Super Bowl XLIII. I'm picking Ken Whisenhunt's club to upset his old one in this game, so that's where I'll be watching.

Keep an eye on the Oakland game though… just in case.

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