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Cedric Benson Will Spend His Bye Week in Jail

August 30th, 2011 at 10:10 AM
By Chuck Chapman

Update: The Enquirer's Joe Reedy reports Wednesday morning that Benson began serving his sentence yesterday. He will miss Thursday's preseason game against Indianapolis, but will be back ready to practice for week one at Cleveland.

A Texas judge sentenced Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson to 20 days in jail Monday as a result of his no contest pleas to an assault charge. Benson is alleged to have punched a former roommate in Austin last month as well as having punched an Austin bar employee in 2010. The sentence is the adjudication of both charges.

Corby Holcomb, a representative of the Travis County attorney's office was pleased with the outcome:

"We’re pleased that Mr. Benson took responsibility for his actions today and we think this was a just result given the facts of the case."

Benson will surrender to authorities on October 17 following the Bengals game against the Indianapolis Colts. It is expected that Benson's time served during that week will satisfy his obligation due to overcrowded jail conditions and incentives involved in the plea deal. Additionally Benson must pay a $4000 fine, perform 30 hours of community service and pay an undisclosed amount of restitution to the 2010 victim.

The Cincinnati Bengals did not comment on the matter.

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