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Did the NFL Prevent Michael Vick from Coming to Cincinnati?

August 18th, 2011 at 9:16 AM
By Chuck Chapman

Deadspin is reporting this morning that in an interview with GQ, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick confessed that he wanted to come to Cincinnati or Buffalo for an opportunity to start rather than go to Philadelphia and hold a clipboard behind Kevin Kolb. obtained a quote from the interview which was unpublished that had Vick saying:

" I think I can say this now, because it's not going to hurt anybody's feelings, and it's the truth… I didn't want to come to Philadelphia. Being the third team quarterback is nothing to smile about. Cincinnati and Buffalo were better options."

Vick went on to say that a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell "convinced" him to sign with the Eagles and that he "commends" Goodell for "putting me in the right situation."

Of course that situation ended up being Vick starting the majority of last season after Kevin Kolb got hurt. Vick guided the Eagles to the playoffs and earned a Pro Bowl berth. Kevin Kolb was eventually traded this off season to the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cincinnati Enquirer-based blog "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" speculated this morning that Goodell didn't want Vick, who was returning after a stint in prison, to be in a situation where he was immediately a starter. That logic seems presumptuous as Vick certainly would have been behind Carson Palmer in Cincinnati.

Whatever the reason, the implication here is that the commissioner of the NFL actively influenced a personnel decision. That's a problem, if true. If Roger Goodell is manipulating who goes where behind the scenes, then the integrity of the NFL is called into question. A move like that Goodell is alleged to have done is more akin to Vince McMahon setting up wrestling alliances than what should be happening in a professional sports league.

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