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Mike Zimmer Challenges Cincinnati Bengals Defense: “Prove Me Right.”

August 15th, 2011 at 7:35 PM
By Chuck Chapman

Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer gave his charges a reprieve Monday as the team resumed practice at Georgetown College.

"I wanted to come in and chew some (backside) but I watched the tape and it's not that bad. It's correctable things."


The tape Zimmer alluded to was of Friday night's 34-3 loss to the Detroit Lions in the exhibition opener. Zimmer told the media that after reviewing the tape, he saw several correctable items that he personally took responsibility for.

"We were soft. I was more embarrassed about how we didn't challenge receivers. That's more my fault than anyone's."

Zimmer went on to explain that he has been emphasizing technique and concepts over pressing receivers at the line. That combined with his switching Leon Hall to the opposite side of the field combined with some loose coverages that allowed Lions quarterbacks to get the ball out quickly. The lack of a pass rush, according to Zimmer, was due more to that than the Bengal linemen not getting upfield.

Zimmer said the team plans to address that this week in practice before heading to New York to take on the Jets on Friday. He said that he is confident that his defense will be good this year.

"I know everyone's going to think I'm an idiot, and maybe I am. I've seen a lot of defenses in 17 years and I know a good defense and bad defense. We have a chance to be a good defensive team. We really do. I'm more convinced after watching the tape. If we're not then I'm an idiot. They have to prove me right because a lot of people are doubting me right now."

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