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Cincinnati Bengals Sign TE Bo Scaife to a One-Year Deal; Willie Anderson with an Odd Carson Palmer Tweet

August 6th, 2011 at 11:45 AM
By Chuck Chapman


In an unexpected move, the Bengals signed former Tennessee Titan tight end Bo Scaife to a one year deal for one million dollars. With three tight ends already in camp, the move doesn't appear to address an area of need, but new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden thinks differently.

"The more tight ends the better. It helps in the run game and the passing game. It will help load up the box for AJ (Green) to get open down the field. You have two tight ends in there and a lot of times the defense has to put seven, eight men in the box and it leaves our receivers one-on-one a lot. We move people around two tight ends, three tight ends hopefully."

Not only does the Scaife signing play into Gruden's schematics, but he brings veteran leadership the team will miss without Reggie Kelly, still unsigned as a free agent. Scaife also brings the superior run-blocking skills to replace Kelly and augment the down the field pass catching threats of Jermaine Gresham and Chase Coffman.

In other news, former Bengal offensive lineman Willie Anderson issued a cryptic tweet this morning saying, "When Carson Palmer comes back to Cincy, you all can 'Thank me later.'" Anderson later tweeted there was "no news, yet." Could Willie be trying to broker a truce between his old quarterback and team? Stay here with Bengals 101 for more details.

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