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Notes from Cincinnati Bengals Press Conference

July 26th, 2011 at 12:29 PM
By Chuck Chapman


Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown met with the media today to address several issues as the team prepares for the start of training camp. On everyone's mind was the status of the Bengals' two high profile stars, Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco.

Both Lewis and Brown were very clear: they consider Carson Palmer to be retired. Brown added that he "wishes Palmer well" and that unless Palmer shows up at camp, the Bengals will list him as a non-report thus releasing them from any obligation for his contract. Brown was firm in saying the Bengals would not "reward" Palmer with a trade.

Lewis said that he has not spoken with Chad Ochocinco and "considers him a Bengal." Ochocinco himself has not made any comment as of yet regarding his intentions for the 2011 season. Marvin Lewis expressed "caution" with regard to free agent running back Cedric Benson. Both Lewis and Brown confirmed the team was in the market for a veteran quarterback to back up Andy Dalton. Mike Brown praised the rookie quarterback, telling the assembled media, "You're gonna like him."

Lewis added that the Bengals had commitments from several undrafted free agents and that practices would commence on Saturday afternoon.

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