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Bengals Respond to Wall Street Journal

July 13th, 2011 at 4:24 PM
By Chuck Chapman

If I'm to understand the Bengals' response to the editors of the Wall Street Journal about Tuesday's article regarding the debt facing Hamilton County as a result of the Paul Brown Stadium project, Troy Blackburn is blaming it on the county spending money on "unapproved" projects. Projects like roads, urban development, and public schools.

You can read Blackburn's, Bengals Vice-President and Mike Brown's son-in-law, response here. It would appear from this response that the Bengals have a whole new generation of tone deaf leadership waiting in the wings. Really, Troy? You're going to blame the county because they spent money on projects that actually benefited citizens rather than only on funding a playground for multi-millionaires that gets used on 10 days out of the year? Have your driver take you through Avondale or Over-the-Rhine sometime soon and you can see the other uses the county might have for that money.

Don't get me wrong. Hamilton County deserves plenty of blame for this scenario, but the Bengals trying to paint themselves as civic heroes for this stadium deal takes ridiculous to a whole new level, something this organization has specialized in.

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