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Ochocinco Speaks Out on ATL Radio

June 30th, 2011 at 1:16 PM
By Chuck Chapman

Forget about wrestling alligators. For his next challenge, Chad Ochocinco should attempt to tame his tongue! Appearing this morning on Atlanta's "Two Live Stews" radio program, the erstwhile Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver once again showed his propensity to trash his coach. When asked about whether his relationship with Marvin Lewis was repairable, Ochocinco responded:

“I don’t know. Hopefully Marvin is doing this maybe to help me out. Maybe he is trying to cause some friction between himself and me. Maybe he doesn’t like me for real. He doesn’t like me well I don’t like him either. Maybe he’s doing this to help the situation out. Maybe he’s trying to do this to show Mike Brown I don’t think I can coincide with Chad, but dammit I can’t coincide with him either and if he really feels that way when I see him I’m going to whoop his ass.”


My guess is Chad and agent Drew Rosenhaus are fairly confident the lockout will be ended soon, and are starting another media campaign designed to get Chad traded. With the Bengals drafting AJ Green and the emergence of Jordan Shipley and Jerome Simpson, the Bengals need for Ochocinco's talents is far less than the last time he and Rosenhaus employed this tactic. Then, Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis had little choice but to endure 85's toxic public comments. 

My prediction is that Ochocinco just put the ink on his walking papers.

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