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If I were King of Sports: NFL

June 8th, 2011 at 2:57 PM
By Chuck Chapman

Here’s where being “king” of sports would come in handy. In the NFL’s case, what’s needed to improve the product is for the powers that be to stay the heck out of the way! So as imperial magistrate of all of sportsdom, I hereby issue the following decree to NFL owners and players: Stop it! You’ve got the most successful product in the history of sports, possibly of products! Don’t screw this up.

No NFL Lockout This is idiotic. Nine BILLION dollars! Nothing would destroy the league’s credibility with the fans than for this labor dispute to drag on and affect the season. Get a deal done. Whatever you come up with will leave all involved fabulously wealthy.

No 18 game season Sixteen games is plenty for teams to separate themselves and prove who is worthy for post season. This will only make the experience for season ticket holders more expensive, more time-consuming, and expose the players to further injury. And along with this, keep the 4 game preseason. Coaches need that time to evaluate their rosters. How about lowering ticket prices for these games though, or making them separate from season ticket packages so fans who might not normally be able to go to games could afford to go? It would be a great opportunity for fathers to introduce sons to the game live. It’s a must-see experience. As baseball has taught us, don’t take your legacy for granted. Get more kids into the stadiums.

The only improvement needed on this near perfect sports product is clarification on illegal hits. I get frustrated seeing players flagged for “helmet to helmet” contact when they’re making a “form” tackle with their head up only to have the ball carrier duck, resulting in helmet to helmet contact. Meanwhile, other players catapult themselves with their heads down or with only their shoulders in an effort to dislodge the ball or the ball carrier’s head and aren’t flagged. Get rid of the “helmet to helmet” language and focus on proper tackling. If the head is up, no flag. If the head is down, or it’s a shoulder tackle, throw the flag. It’s that simple. This will decrease the risk of paralysis or concussion and make the call easier for the officials to make.

You are healthy, NFL. Even in tough economic times, you’ve got 9 BILLION dollars in revenue to divvy up. Recognize your superior business model and follow that age-old maxim, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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